Photo-Flicks Stills

We’re Carolyn Bates and Tree Spaulding and we want to help you express your passions with Photo-Flicks.

Photo-Flicks are a powerful tool to help you express whatever you’re passionate about: your family, your work, a hobby, a cause – whatever it is! Carolyn Bates and Tree Spaulding combine their talents as photographer, videographer and post production expert of videos to produce excellent, exciting, humous, mini videos.

Carolyn Bates has been a professional photographer for over 40 years. You can see her work at Architecture – residential and commercial, lifestyle and portraits, pets, still lives, landscapes, and of course, Lake Champlain. Carolyn has been experimenting with video since about 2009. She’s studied basic video with Richard Anderson, travel video with Gail Mooney and hybrid video with Suzette Allen. She’s also taken advantage of the training offered in Burlington, VT with Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM). Now that her dream camera exists, the Panasonic Lumix GH4, and she’s discovered Tree who loves creative video editing, she’s begun significant video work.




Tree Spaulding has been dabbling in photography all her life, having used it as part of various jobs and as a volunteer for over 40 years. She studied Photography as a Social Justice Tool with Howard Zehr. While living in Asheville, NC around 2010, Tree began to play with video . When she moved to Burlington, VT she was offered an internship with the Regional Educational Television Network (RETN). She learned to use video equipment, how to edit, and principles of producing a good short movie by working on some projects about local artists. Her intern team received the national Hometown Media Award in 2013 for a series of three videos. Each of them took the lead on one of the videos.


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